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Katoomba Hosts 2016 AGM

In mid-March delegates from SA, VIC and NSW converged upon Katoomba for the Annual General Meeting of Cittaslow Australasia. This was an opportunity for the serious work of completing the finely-tuned Australasian accreditation criteria and planning for the 2017 international Cittaslow gathering in Goolwa, South Australia. Delegates also visited the new Cultural Centre and attended a Mayoral Reception hosted by Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill. Delegates were pleased by progress achieved during the three-day meeting, and some stayed for the weekend to take in the local folk, blues and roots festival.

2015 AGM in Yea

This month (March 2015) saw the first return of Cittaslow Australasia to Yea since its accreditation. Members from three states gathered in the Victorian country town to discuss strategies and proposals for taking the Cittaslow movement forward in Australia and New Zealand. It wasn’t all work, however; the delegates toured the area to take in the local wetlands and other natural features … and even enjoyed a marvellous meal of fire-pit meats at nearby Flowerdale.

Successful 2013 AGM in Goolwa

Attendees from all the Australian Cittaslows were joined by interested people from potential Cittaslow towns at our Annual General Meeting in Goolwa. In a visit spanning a few days, delegates were treated to the tourist sites, local businesses, a tour of the library, a scenic train trip to VIctor Harbour, many fine meals … and of course a lot of conversation about Cittaslow!

It was a successful gathering that augured well for the next few years – we’re brimming with ideas and energy.